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Default "Living In The Material World" Survivor

Well it seems to be the return of the Survivor topics. We had several of those here at the Palace yet we have new members, new visions, so we can do this again.

The last one here dates from 2003 !!!!

Let's start with "Living In The Material World" since that is also part of the title of the upcoming documentary.

You know how it works

- vote for 1 song to go off
- after 10 votes I do the counting
- if there are more than one songs with the highest votes we do another round

If you want some more info about the album here is a link to a beautiful website dedicated to this album.

The songs

Give Me Love(Give Me Peace On Earth)
Sue Me, Sue You Blues
The Light That Has Lighted The World
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
Who Can See It
Living In The Material World
The Lord Loves The One(That Loves The Lord)
Be Here Now
Try Some Buy Some
The Day The World Gets 'Round
That's Is All
"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature"
- George Harrison

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