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I remember some interview where they said they didn't want to make them look "hyper-realistic".

EDIT: Here it is:

BL: Was there every any consideration of going with a hyper-realistic look, or was it always sort of a toned-down, Rock Band, cartoony version?

JR: I think that we very early on realized that the closer you get to hyper-real, the closer you get to the Uncanny Valley, where it's like the closer it gets to human, but is not, your brain is like, Hey, that's not a human! and instantly picks it out. So, we were all really concerned about that. We didn't want these guys to be creepy. We wanted them to be cute and lovable and have all the charisma that the real guys do. If you watch these guys play live, there's just so much joy that pours out of these guys, and they're so clever. They always seemed like they had some sort of inside joke while they were playing, little smirks and things like that. So we really tried to go in and identify that stuff, and sort of put that into our characters. But I think if we had gone for a more realistic thing, it just would've come off creepy. You just can't do it yet. Maybe at some point your brain will not care, but right now, it's like, especially if there are still movies that are kind of creepy in that way when they try to make 3-D humans, trying to do it on a game console is really hard.
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