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I know that videos aren't necessarily accurate, but to me Gary Moore's is a different case, since he wasn't a Wilbury. He could have appeared in the video anyway (I remember Jim Horn -I think- appearing somewhere, altough I cannot remember whether it was in a videoclip or in "The true history..."), but if the video was to show the Wilburys alone, it wouldn't be that strange if someone "played" his part (from what you say, I'm not sure there's someone really doing that -I'll have to check it). But why was Roy going to play harmonica in the video if Bob was there, too? In any case, there's no one playing harmonica in the video, after all! It's just that glimpse of Roy, and the picture in the booklet. As for the Wikipedia, it needn't be right, either. It's always been assumed it was Bob, so it's not strange that it says so, even if it weren't true.

Roy did play harmonica, but as was the case with guitar, I think, he didn't play it on his records, only live. He didn't use that device to hold the harmonica in front of one's mouth; he just kept it in his hand while strumming, holding the pick with thumb and forefinger and the harmonica with his other three fingers. I've tried to do so, and the harmonica keeps on slipping!
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