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Default Harmonica in "Handle With Care"

I've finally got the deluxe version of the Traveling Wilburys box, so it's been the Christmas soundtrack for me!

I had always assumed that the outro of "Handle With Care" was played by George on slide guitar and Bob on harmonica, and I've also read that in several places (I've even read about that moment being something like "the combination of two of the most iconic sounds in modern music history, George's slide and Bob's harmonica").

However, when taking a look at the booklet in the box, which is full of pictures from the recording of that song's video, I've seen a picture of Roy playing harmonica. And then, in the video itself, although no one is seen playing the harmonica during that part, just before the outro begins, Roy's hands can be seen taking a harmonica to his mouth. So could it be Roy who played that? Or is it known for sure who -either him or Bob- played it? The credits in the CD don't mention the harmonica. Roy could play it (he did so beautifully in his live shows), so it could have been him.
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