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Default The Beatles Posters - 1960s Concert Artwork

Hey everyone,

Just joined the forum and thought I would contribute by passing on some interesting Beatles news for you all. I got an email about the relaunch of which is the website of Tony Booth. Tony was the original poster & graphic artist for The Beatles in the early 1960s. He was known around Liverpool as Brian Epstein's "right-hand man".

As a previous customer of Tony when I bought some fantastic poster prints off his website last year, I can vouch for his unique style that really defines The Beatles era. The man is an icon in many ways and I was deeply saddened by his passing last year, its very nice of the family to carry on his legacy by keeping his website going.

You can see the full poster collection of 1960s Beatles concert posters at

If you are as fanatic about The Beatles as me, you may lose an hour of your life so be wary haha.

BBC Documentary on the posters:


Have a great day!

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