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Originally Posted by Legs View Post
Hi Raul,

It's nothing against you, I think there is less and less interest by people in posting on online forums. It's nothing personal but I admit I also find it very dissapointing. Some of the topics I started or posts I made for example are also left unanswered. The interest in this kind of forums just isn't there anymore.
You can blame Facebook or things like that I quess.
Look, I really like you, man! You're my absolute fav person i EVER met online!! i know i said hofner, but this time i really mean it. hes great though. cant we somehow get in touch? pm? please?

hibgal, we had a strange breakup, but maybe i know you well enough to confide. cant we communicate? pm?

i am really in the most DRAMATIC situation. it's so serious ...let me just say ive been to a hospital (not mental)
Get on with it already

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