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Right, I would say there was no chance this set came out as a legit release in 1987. I can't remember when I got it, maybe the early 2000s or something like that.

My CDs have "Original Master Recording" above the center, with "Promotional Only Not For Sale" below the hole. There is a different release number to the right of the hole. Like instead of MFSL 1-101 for PPM, it's OMR-001. But... each album came with a sticker that you're supposed to put on the CD, and it looks exactly like the label in your picture, with the correct release number, and even the stuff at the top is in a light brown color.

Can't remember where the defect was, I think it was on BFS.

My set also came with Yellow Submarine, not sure if your set includes it. Also, a few of the releases have a gatefold cover - BFS, Sgt. P, MMT, White, LIB.

Here's PPM on BootlegZone...
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