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Originally Posted by NaomiMcCartney
I just noticed there's a teddy bear
on an amp on the left corner behind
Paul, and a lava lamp on the left towards
the back of Wix the keyboardist.
I wonder if that was one of Linda's
stuffed animals and it was there
in her memory? I know that on the last
tour that Paul had Wix had a lava lamp
with him on his keyboards in honor
of her memory. I bet it's the same
lava lamp that's to the left and behind Wix
again in honor of her memory.
Acutally, the few pictures above are from Paul's 2002 tour. You can tell by the way his hair is cut (quite a bit shorter), and also by the way the stage is set up. The piano on this tour is more center stage, and maybe slightly to the left, whereas in the pic above, it's stage right. But don't worry, Naomi: Wix still has his Linda lava lamps this tour! I was exicted to see them. :)
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