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Originally Posted by Blackguard View Post
Are you commenting on the lack of echo and reverb on the stereo versions? Engineers at Capitol created the American Stereo versions by way of processing the mono tapes through electronic delays and possibly an echo chamber as well. At least they were kind enough to call the resulting sound Duophonic.

Fake stereo has fallen very much out of favor in the past 30 years or so. So the US CDs use either the true British or American stereo tapes.
If your asking me, yes Iím commenting on the lack of Dexterized Echo & Reverb as we in N.A. grew up listening to. It may have fallen out of favor, but itís not true to what the albums were and what we heard growing up.

The Capitol CD box sets are true to the real experience. Do these new mixes sound better? Of course they do, they are 2009 U.K. remasters, unlike the Capitol CDs that are not remastered.

Rip-off, and Iím more than happy with the real Capitol box sets.
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