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Originally Posted by Blackguard View Post
Do agree with you, the cash cow has been milked over and over again over the years. But on the other hand, these new CDs are a way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary.
I too ordered the the new 2014 US CD set from Amazon, since I found a great price of $96 with free shipping, last week.

Then I started reading the reviews, and thought I just paid too much for some nice mini LP artwork, 'cause that is basically all you are getting here that is new.

As much as people complain about the 2004-06 Capital CD set, at least they are the real thing, not the UK mix, like this new set.

Thankfully 24 hours later, when I came to my senses, I cancelled my Amazon order without a hitch.

My personal take on it is, if you already have the 2004-06 Capital set, don't bother, just buy the individual ones to complete your set.

If your contemplating buying this set, but really want the true Capital sound, get the 2004-06 set, and buy the individual albums that are missing. You can even buy "The Beatles Story" on Ebay, since that is the only one you can't buy individually from the 2014 set.

If you've already purchased the 2014 set, then just enjoy it for what it is!
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