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Originally Posted by Joey Self View Post
Well, yes and no.

Yes, on one hand, it is amazing that a band that hasn't been together for 45 years is still able to chart recordings that have been issued and reissued in one form or another. But the first week counts all the pre-order sales, and it isn't that surprising that the collector crowd--still sizable but shrinking--placed orders to have the box or the individual titles they wanted that first week. It is a known commodity--no reason to wait for reviews or hear friends talk about it--and the first week rush up the chart wasn't unexpected.

What MAY have been unexpected was the second week. Only HEY JUDE remained in the top 200, barely, at 191. Everything else was gone from the chart. There may be the secondary interest this week given the hoopla of the anniversary of the Sullivan appearance. I'd like to know what Apple/Capitol projected for sales for the first month or so, and then see how close they got to it. These may well be performing just as they thought it would--and I doubt we'll ever know--but I suspect this second week is a major disappointment. Think about how many times you've seen endcaps at Wal-Mart or Best Buy filled with albums that charted no better than these did the first week. I can't come up with anything like this; the endcaps are for visibility for those items they think will be flying out of the store.

Good points, I'm wondering if this was a miss step by Apple/Capitol? The collector's market for such items are shrinking but does that mean so is the desire for Beatle product? for us who would at least like "Something New" ....
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