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Originally Posted by ringo_rama View Post
If you wanna go a little further, "I Call Your Name" (on Second Album) has a completely different intro, and "Paperback Writer" (Hey Jude) is way better in mono. Unfortunately, Sgt. Pepper and the White Album have the most substantial differences but they're not available individually.
Hey Jude is in stereo only, so you won't be getting the mono "Paperback Writer" on there.
If you missed out on the U.K. mono box set, which would have been mine recommendation, I think you can get some of these early U.S. albums which orignally were just fold downs but now uses the 2009 mono versions. "Meet the Beatles" "BEATLES VI".

However there also some unique U.S. mono mixes which were used. The Beatles second album, "Something New" "Beatles 65" and ofcourse "Yesterday and Today" feature the most unique U.S. mono mixes. See also the link I have posted.
It's a confusing mix bag this.

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