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Smile Guitar game puts Beatles at top

Guitar game puts Beatles at top

THE Beatles split up almost 40 years ago, but merchandise featuring the band is back in popularity all of a sudden.

The catalyst was the release of the Beatles: Rock Band video game package last year, which turned a whole new generation on to the iconic British band.

Rock Band is a music video game in which participants hold a plastic guitar, or other instruments, and can pretend to be rock stars by keeping in time with the music notes on screen.

’Bout Time Music’s Mark Hewetson said guitar straps featuring the Fab Four had suddenly become very popular.

“All of a sudden there’s this big hype,” he said. “We used to have a strap for each of the albums the Beatles released but they’re selling quickly.”

Mr Hewetson said the release of the Rock Band game meant there was a new lot of young people who appreciated the Beatles.

“At least the young ones don’t come in now and look at them and say, ‘who are those guys?’” he said.
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