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To use Bittorent (That's the program) to download a .Torrent (That's the small, small file used to download a big file) you need to do 2 things
1. Download a Bittorrent Client (I use Azureus)
2. Download a .Torrent file (There aren't many good Bootleg only torrent sites, but I'll look into it)

For the record, Bittorrent is pretty much made to download albums/movies and big files like that.

So download Azureus and install it, and then open it up and get acquainted with it, because you just met your new best friend.
For this little tutorial thing I'll just use some bootleg strawberry fields forever thing. It contains "every known version" and a ton of covers of the song.

That's the URL for the .Torrent file (tell me if it works)

go there and it'll ask you what you want to open it with Azureus should already be the default. Choose Run or Open or whatever.

Now It'll open Azureus for you and give you a menu, choose to save it to your Desktop (Or another folder, it doesn't matter, but remember where it is) and choose Ok. The Azureus window will show that the download is starting and going. Your download speed probably won't be too fast. If you're using Dial-Up it will take you a long time, and if you're behind a firewall or router, it will take a bit longer also.

If you don't understand anything just post here and tell me.
All I want is you.

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