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Default Re: Paul to stage NY benefit concert

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Tahoma, Arial, Sans-Serif">Quote:</font><HR>Originally Posted By JCB410:
[b] [quote]Originally Posted By HMVNipper:
Now, if only I could get the info about exactly WHEN and WHERE this is happening...I'd like to try to be there if possible...

If either of us find out, I'd
be happy to go with you HMVNipper! Didn't
we speak of getting together sometime in
NYC?... --JC


Sure did, JCB...let's keep our eyes and ears peeled for information.

I have this feeling, though, that the tix are going to be very expensive, depending on where he manages to do this...if it's a small venue, they'll have to charge more money per ticket in order to make any money for the fund. (Though if Paul and his people are smart, they'll do this at a large venue like Madison Square Garden and charge reasonable prices to a LOT of people, instead of a small place where they charge a lot of money to a select few...let's see how they handle this!

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