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Originally Posted by Uncle_Albert View Post
have you mp3?
In my own collection I have (a still sealed) box of the half speed mastered vinyl discs.

I also have four different versions of the Dr. Ebbets MFSL vinyl rips.

1. the 24/96 FLAC version
2. the 24/96 WAV version
3. the 24/96 320 Kbps MP3 version
4. the 24/96 VBR MP3 version

The last two (3 + 4)... I really can't understand why someone has transfered a half speed mastered vinyl disc to MP3?????? I'm really confused.


My question is - is this the real The Beatles: The Collection MFSL box set from 1982?
I've been searching and reading all information about this box set in wikipedia and some articles and forums. One said that the original 1982 box set sounds perfect, without pops, buzz, etc. and there are also some bootleg version of this so-called 'bootleg box set' out there.

On the 3rd line on the above text it says "The 2010 Doc Ebbetts Vinyl Remasters".

That's what made me think twice. I'd ask for help to make it clear if these rips are comes from the original 1982 or not?
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