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Originally Posted by Apple Scruff View Post
^ He is so amazing in that interview and so cute! Look at him with his hands, so nervous. Also, that shirt he's wearing...Yoko wore that shirt after John passed.

OMG!!! John is HILARIOUS! Post this vid in the funny John vids Snoopy. Or I will. He's the funniest, cutest...

Ugh, I am SO upset that I never got to experience this amazing man being alive and being this kind of amazing in my lifetime. I love this video Snoopy!!
Oh, I didn't mean to upset you with that video, Scruffie But I understand what you feel of course

Yes, you are right; I should have posted it in the funny vids, sorry

Oh well, I would do it now, but I'm afraid I have to go to bed, as my holidays are over now and I have to work tomorrow...

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