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Default Heather Mills a liar and a cheat!.

HEATHER MILLS found fame and riches beyond belief when she became Mrs Paul McCartney.

But tomorrow an explosive TV documentary will claim the former glamour model is an amoral gold-digger with a murky, sordid past.

Her family, friends and ex-lovers are said to reveal another side of the woman McCartney married last June.

Dianna Karmal, her former sister-in-law, says: “She’s very destructive.

She is like a praying mantis when it comes to men. She uses her sexual charms quite brilliantly and they are the ones who are hurt.”

Mystery has surrounded periods of 35-year-old Lady McCartney’s life from the time she was a teenager.

Friends say her seven year-long double life in pursuit of sex and money is conveniently absent from her autobiography, A Single Step.

Ros Ashley, a former “pleasure wife” for rich Arab men, claims she met Heather, then just 18, at The Ritz in London and introduced her to a number of wealthy Lebanese businessmen.

She says Heather enjoyed the hospitality of oil-rich Arabs and a world of casinos, top hotels and private jets.

In the documentary, Ros says: “If you know Heather and you’ve known her for many years, you know that she has reinvented herself.

I’m not the only person, there are many more who want to tell their stories about the Heather Mills who they really know.”

Ros was the former mistress of Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and also claims Mohamed Fayed and his son Dodi were among her lovers.

Ros and Heather first met in Khashoggi’s London hotel suite.

Ros recalls: “There were four very pretty girls in the room. One in particular had a Newcastle accent and, being from the North myself, we got chatting. Her name was Heather Mills.

“Heather’s ambition was to meet a wealthy man, whether Arab, English, French, Spanish, whatever would give her wealth and status.

She had a magnificent figure and once she started to dress correctly and not look tarty but sophisticated, she looked the part.”

Heather’s first conquest, according to Ros, was a rich Lebanese businessman and soon she had a luxury Chelsea flat and a flashy red sports car.

Heather was also having an on-off relationship at this time with sales manager Alfie Karmal, now 44, who later became her first husband.

She shared his house in Stanmore, North London but, much to his puzzlement, kept “disappearing”.

Alfie says: “She told me she was staying at a friend’s house in Chelsea and she was sleeping on the floor.

He reveals: “The difference between now and what had happened before was that she suddenly accepted that she was a compulsive liar.”

Alfie claims Heather agreed to go to a psychiatrist at Bushey Hospital, Herts, and attended eight sessions.

He said: “The psychiatrist convinced me Heather’s behaviour was normal after what she had been through and that I should make allowances.”

The couple married in 1989 at a country club in Middlesex and moved to a luxury house in Hertfordshire.

But Heather was soon getting itchy feet again. Dianna says: “She wanted to be in command of her own destiny, her own bank balance and how and what she did with her life. Being a wife to Alfie was just too restrictive.”

In 1991 Heather suffered an ectopic pregnancy. Alfie sent her on a skiing holiday in Slovenia to cheer her up.

But once she was there, he says, she fell in love with her skiing instructor — a man called Milos — and finally left her husband. But not before trashing their home.

Alfie claims: “I thought I’d been robbed. A big glass door panel was smashed, wallpaper up the stairwells had been ripped off — the bedroom was like a bomb site.”

By the following year, her affair with the skiing instructor was over and Heather had resumed contact with her old set of friends — and was busy showing off her new curves.

Ros saw her at a party and says: “She looked fresh and thin and toned and was wearing a short skirt.

“She said, ‘I’ll show you how good I look’ and started to disrobe — in front of the guests. She just stood there absolutely naked.

“We were quite embarrassed about it but Heather? No — she was back on the quest for fame, wealth and a rich husband.”

Before marrying McCartney, Heather is believed to have had three other fiancés: Italian banker Raffaele Mincione, executive Marcus Stapleton and TV producer Chris Terrill — but always backed out, sometimes days before she was due down the aisle

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