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Originally Posted by Hari's Chick View Post
For the people who think George was a monastic, have they not heard "Simply Shady?" Did they think that was about trees?
Well, all the words there can't simply be taken literally, they may just as well be metaphors George used to express in a palpable way his train of thought as an artist and a thinker, to simply put the whole concept of the embodiment of the past sins with 'a lady' and 'Sexy Sadie', so that a buddy of lesser mother wit like me could make out what he was trying to say. All said to say we can't really attach such a label to someone only on the grounds of some vague clues/hints that we've piece together. :-)

It does George a disservice to try to make him into some boring old stodgy moralist.
First, I have to disagree about the part putting 'moralist' equal to 'boring', well they sure fit together in the motion pictures, but in the real life, to me, it's immorality that's getting boring... Then again, it sure does him a disservice to make him look like a one-dimensional person, but how about using a fairer term like 'funny' instead of the alternative. :-)
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