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Originally Posted by Hari's Chick View Post
What if the term Dark Horse is substituted for the word slut?

There was an interview from George which I can paraphrase roughly but don't have it handy, not transcribed.

In it he was speaking of his record company, Dark Horse records. And George says [paraphrased]..."There's a term, Dark Horse, which in England has a bit of a different meaning than in America. [In America it means the unlikely horse to win a race which pulls ahead and wins.... I forget if George explained that...] In England, you hear people saying [assumes Monty Python women's voice] 'Mr Penguin's knocking round with Mrs Johnson...' 'Oh, he's a dark horse... who'd have ever thought?' So I thought, for the label, okay, I'll open up, I'm a Dark Horse... [giggles].... who'd 've ever thought?"

That should be nearly word for word...

So, George called himself a Dark Horse... and this was an interview from 1976, I think it was.
Thank you for the answer, Hari's Chick.

As for the term Dark Horse my dictionary suggests: "a person about whom little is known, especially one with unexpected abilities." which also suits the context there and now I'm starting to realise that George has been indeed a 'Dark Horse' through all these years, remaining so unknown to people that they even call him a slut...
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