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Originally Posted by Bongo View Post
I guess we were spoiled before the rest of the world, as we got the full screen 16x9 aspect ration and 5.1 mix. And extra "special features".
The proper aspect ratio is 1.75:1, which is less common and perhaps that's why the folks behind the original Blu-Ray (and 2002 DVD) went with 1.66:1 (not unlike how The McCartney Years DVD set needlessly cropped 4:3 videos to 16:9 because people were becoming accustomed to widescreen). And again, this is a newly-created 5.1 mix from the original elements, not bastardized from the mono soundtrack like the previous release. And on top of that, the original mono soundtrack is included on the new version.

I'm not trying to convince you to upgrade, but I feel like it's important that prospective buyers realize there are significant differences and that one version is objectively superior to the other, and they can make their decision based on that information.
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