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So... I have really been enjoying the McCartney Years DVD set but I completely realize that not ALL of his videos are there. So I took this infamous solo videos guide, and tried to find the "lost" videos on YouTube. Here are the ones I was able to find:

1971: 3 Legs. Video
1972: Mary Had a Little Lamb. Video. Apparently there are three versions of this one. Only one (the one premiered on the "Flip Wilson Show") is available through YouTube.
1973: Jet. Apparently a "silly promo" exists. According to most sources it's not very good quality-wise. No surprise that it is completely impossible to find.
1976: Letting Go. A lip-synching video which I couldn't find on YouTube.
1976: Venus and Mars/Rock Show. Ditto to above.
1979: Getting Closer. Video. From the Back to the Egg video album. Sorely missed on the DVD.
1979: Arrow Through Me. Video. From the Back to the Egg video album.
1979: Spin it On. Video. From the Back to the Egg video album
1979: Winter Rose/Love Awake.Video. From the Back to the Egg video album.
1979: Old Siam Sir. Video. Incomplete. From the Back to the Egg video album
1979: Again and Again and Again. Video. From the Back to the Egg video album.
1979: Lucille. Video. From the Concert for the people of Kampuchea, with Rockestra. Official promo video.
1982: Ebony and Ivory (solo version). Video. Yes, he did film a video for a B-side.
1982: Here Today. This is apparently "A simple clip aired on "Friday Night Videos" in conjunction with an interview with Paul. Consists of Linda's (and other selected) pictures of John Lennon cut to the tune." Of course one can find many versions on YouTube, but not this particular one, sorry.
1984: No More Lonely Nights (Dance). Video. Warning: terrible audio. Never too fond of the version itself, though.
1985: We All Stand Together. Video. Nice cartoons.
1986: Stranglehold. Video. A very nice story clip for a terrible song (IMO).
1986: Only Love Remains. Video. This was always one of my favorites from THAT album. This version is heavily remixed, though. There'a a 'live' version of this on YouTube as well.
1989: This One (second version). Wasn't able to find it. Consists on "Stop motion photos of Paul, Linda and the band (such that the illusion of motion is given) in various "sixties" mode of dress. Computer graffiti was overlaid to enhance the "movement" aspects of the clip"
1989: Party Party. A song that most of us would like to forget. I only found a video on YouTube from the Put it There video. Not the original promo, sorry.
1990: We Got Married. Video. I kinda like the song after all. The video is interesting as it has some additional images rather than simple concert footage. No, I'm kidding, it's not really interesting, but the song's quite cool.
1990: Ou Est Le Soleil. Video. Nice video for us born in the 80's and familiar with the Nintendo thing from the end of the decade/beginning of the 90's. Anyone remember Super Mario 3?
1990: All My Trials. Video. This song does appear on the DVD set, but without Paul and the band singing, only the images of the "lonely people from the street". I thought I would be nice to have the original promo.
1993: Deliverance. Not able to find it, although it doesn't seem to be really interesting at all.
1997: The World Tonight. Video. The song is good but the video seems to be lazily captured.
1997: Young Boy. Video. I actually hadn't watched this at all. It's quite straightforward, but well adjusted to this great tune.
2001: Lonely Road. Video. It is very well produced, it features models, it fits the mood of the song. Why wasn't this released in the DVD set is beyond me. Great promo.
2001: Your Loving Flame. Video. This must be my favorite of them all. The only thing that could have prevented this from being officialy released is... I can't really think of anything. A legal matter, maybe? The song itself is not my cup of tea (I think it's a lazily written ballad), but the video is pure magic!
2005: Jenny Wren. Video. Probably his last hit? A warm, simple video.
2007: Dance Tonight. Video. It's available on the CD/DVD edition of Memory Almost Full, but still not on The McCartney Years, so it goes on this list.
2007: Ever Present Past. Video. Ditto.
2007: Nod Your Head. Video. This is not on the CD/DVD edition of MAF. I wonder why. It does feature Lucy!


So, there area 31 official promo videos that are not on the McCartney Years DVD... plus the James Paul McCartney special, the musical segments on Broad Street, the Put it there and The World Tonight specials, the Driving Rain and Memory Almost Full EPKs, the complete unedited Rockshow film, footage from his early tours... I think there WILL be a Volume II in the close future!
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