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Originally Posted by Loka View Post
What I meant was that there are certainly others who represent disabled better than her - and I only say that because the "Federation of Disabled People" has already said so. Thatīs all. And of course there are some people who are more disabled than others! Itīs just a mockery to say that as soon as you lose a foot youīre as disabled as everyone else who uses a badge (or whatever they argued about).
Oh agreed! & yeah, if I were an amputee of any sort, I'm sure I'd be MORE inspired by others than Heather. But it's nice that while she's in a position to show how she's managing along other amputees can see just one more person making the best of what they've got. That's all.

I truly believe that in a few years time we won't hear much of Heather any more anyway. It will probably go back to much as it was pre-Macca marriage.
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