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Ok, I´m going to speak my mind now so be prepared:

Has anyone seen the photos with her amputated "leg"? It´s actually only her foot, and though it is indeed a disability I can see no reason why she shouldn´t be able to dance, I mean she still got her knee and everything.
The other question is, can we expect from the jury to tell her after the sencond dance: "Uhm, ok, you´re dancing well for being disabled, but you´re too bad to keep up with the normal contestants here so leave?!" (normal is polemically meant here). Everyone is talking about being fair to Heather, but I don´t think it was fair to the other contestants to let her join, because she indeed is a great inspiration for disabled people to not give up, but there are the "Paralympics" and other contests for disabled people, and given the fact that she still has her leg and obviously has no problems to dance, she´s not a great inspiration to the many wheelchair users and leg amputees she is associated with, telling them just to ignore their disability and pretend to be as normal as everyone. For so many others this is not possible, and the inspiration becomes a mockery. Ask yourselves why the "Federation of Disabled People" does not think this act is a great inspiration.

Sometimes I think she could join "American Idol" and everyone would still say "Oh my god what an inspiration!"
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