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Originally Posted by Apple Scruff View Post
Oh my gosh, I may be going to this festival as well! So awesome!!!!

Sean's music is amazing. I have to see him and Charlotte live again and it will be a fantastic atmosphere with the greatness that is the Flaming Lips. What is your fave Sean album/song?

I completely, 100% agree with your above comment btw re: Sean's genes. It's not easy being the son of that guy when you're trying to forge a name for yourself, but he is doing pretty well for himself.

Nice to meet you 4iiiis! Post more!
Well, that's a really tough one, because I really haven't heard GOASTT in it's entirety, but I really liked Friendly Fire, esp. "Parachute".

I also have Half Man/Half Horse, but I need to relisten to that...I just remember it being really good too. What's the best stuff on his new album in your opinion? Do you think having his wife along has really made a difference or did it kinda water it down? She's sure a beautiful distraction if nothing else nudgenudge

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