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Originally Posted by LovinLennon909

I'm glad this musical focuses more on John through the Seventies. Enough of Beatle-John has been presented; it's good for the casual fans to learn about what happened AFTER that period in his life. (Which he said wasn't the most important period in his life...remember: "We were just a band, is all, a band that made it very, very big.")

I'd give anything to be a friend of Yoko's. She's my favorite female artist/singer/role model, etc. etc. of all time. She's the female equivalent of John Lennon himself. Perhaps that is why he loved her. She didn't get all starry-eyed in his presence.
First I have to admit I hate musicals. To me it's like bad dancers trying to sing and represent something on stage they don't understand. But more important to me is that you'll never learn something from a musical about the person portrayed in the musical but about the time the musical was made (by 2005 the public sees John as one half of the JohnandYoko-thing and not as a Beatle).
Yoko as a female artist? Okay. As a female role model? Why not. As singer? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I really can estimate her work and she did some good tunes but of course this woman cannot sing (it's a fact. No insult. I cannot sing also). I don't know if she is the female equivalent of John. Probably not. He surely loved her. But I think he was more looking for a replacement of Julia than for his better half.
I am not particularely interested in Yoko bashing. This woman stands for herself, but I get irritated by all those posts telling me that Yoko was good for John' s music. She was not. She ruined nearly all his solo lp's and that's a real pity.
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