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Default Could these be the worlds most convincing ghost photos EVER?

These photos were premiered on the TV program "The Worlds Scariest Ghosts Ever Caught on Tape" and one of the sections was about two guys who decided to investigate an abandoned haunted mansion during he middle of a thunderstorm.

As they were taking photos, they had their camcorders pointing to where they were shooting. One of the guys went outside and took 3 photos of an upstairs window. Here's what was shown on the video he was recording...

As his camcorder was focused on this window, he proceeded to take 3 photographs of the upstairs window - ALL of which captured the floating image of a woman....

The two men took the photos and the negatives to a photographic expert, who concluded that the image was on the negative and had not been tampered with in anyway - therefore something MUST have been in that window.

Then the images were sent to an image analyist, who ran a series of tests to detect any sign of foul play. It was during this that he decided to highlight the light and dark areas and exaggerate them to contour the shades. It was during this that he noticed the following:

Her face looks uncannily like a skull! Here's a closeup...

The image analyist concluded that the photo was either a real photo of a real ghost, or it was done with an advanced method that he didn't know about.

I think this is by far the most convincing and scariest set of ghost photos ever!
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