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FP, I just have a different way of moderating than you chose. Neither is right or wrong, just different.

You liked to post every article and steer things more directly. I love to see others posting things... and prefer often to 'listen' than to remark. I love reading everyone's opinions and thoughts.

I do miss your input here. Your contributions at the Palace have been amazing, and for many years. I would love if you would take a more active role and discuss things with us. If someone says something you disagree with, then you can chime in. If someone calls George a slut, and you think it is disrespectful, please say so.

The slut remark took me aback as well. However, one or two other members chimed in after and very tactfully offered a sort of rebuttal to the remark. I felt no need to add anything, mostly because it had been handled by others very tactfully.

As far as George and women and the documentary.... I'm just going to take it all with so many grains of salt until I see what Dhani and Olivia offered to Marty. They know George best, so I'm sure their decisions are the ones to defer to. Right now... none of us know what was shared.

There is a thread I began on what spiritual questions would we want to ask George. That is addressing some other things about the film aside from the romantic aspect of George's life.
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