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Default Re: How John would look today

I kind of don't think John would have aged like his sister, even though I think she's still a nice-looking lady. I just never thought they looked alike. I kind of picture John having less hair, but not being completely bald. Something in John, for some reason, is ageless. I couldn't even figure his age in certain periods of his life because he seemed so mature, yet he also had a youthful quality to him. Like during the POB days, he seemed a lot older than 30, but when he did Walls and Bridges, he seemed younger than his POB days, and his attitude in his last years seemed so positive and his voice had an absolute virility to it.

Its hard to assume how he'd have aged, but I think he would have still been kind of skinny. Just my opinion. Kind of rangy and still having his say.

I think it wouldn't really matter, just as long as he was here.
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