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Default Re: What Elvis would look like if he was alive today

Big problem here: These two should have added the caveat, "All other things being equal." In this case, over the course of 25 years, there's lots of possible variances that could affect the final image that are just not taken into account:

- Effects of major sickness, such as cancers, debilitating infection, and injury. One good melanoma or bad encounter in a northern Nashville pool hall, and the picture could be off by quite a bit.

- Effects of lifestyle changes. Let's assume he wants to really hide and so avoids all "red flag" behavior, like frying bananas; he loses forty pounds, that face gets a major redefinition.

- Active efforts to change appearance. He had enough money and friends in Beverly Hills that he could have gone under the knife, sawed some of his jaw off as part of a reconstruction, and then all bets would be off. (I'm tempted to say for all we know, he could be Michael Jackson, but THAT gets into some seriously dangerous territory...)

The point of the pontification is, anyone who comes up with an aging logarithm is usually playing fast and loose with the materials at hand. The only really successful aging ever done to an old photo in recent memory was the state of New Jersey coming up with an updated image of John List for AMERICA'S MOST WANTED, and it helped a lot that the nimrod thought he was so free and clear of the crime of killing his family that he complied with the profilers' expectations fully. frankly, I think Elvis is a bit smarter than that... [img]graemlins/devil7.gif[/img]
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