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Actually, darkhorse, our sites are mainly lyrics and release dates right now, but I didn't reserve a 50 meg site just for lyrics and album covers. We'll be expanding the sites into more complete coverage, but I simply cannot fathom a site on the lads without at least trying to catalogue their records in some fashion or the other... So, that is where we've started with all of them.

When we do get around to the history and background pages, I want to put something fresh up, not just quoting the Rolling Stones biographies like most of the sites I've seen. There is a lot more to their lives than birthdates, wedding dates, and when they joined the Beatles... that's where I'll be going. Unfortunately, that takes more research than just listing the order the albums were released in, and compiling the different lyric versions of each track recorded. I don't want to put up blatant lies, and I don't really want to get radically controversial... Just informative, with some personal input.


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