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'All Those Years Ago' is the story of John and George's relationship over the years, one year per chapter, basing ourselves on the facts we all know and then filling in the blanks at our convenience. This story was cowritten with another author, Gereiheimer a few years back. Check out the archive.

chapter thirty-two, 1977 - John and George's story concludes. In a beautiful cumulation of their years together.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this story. And, a special thank you to those who've left feedback. It's important to writers that you let us know what you think and it certainly helps to keep us chugging long.

There were plans to take this story into the 80s but my writing partner decided that they no longer wanted to continue. We ended it here and it was a good place to do so.

I'll be taking a break from updating content. You can check out my other works at my archive and Wattpad that is linked to in my signature.

I'm currently reading 'Shelter In Your Love' a epic George Harrison centered story by Miss 'O Dell.

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