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Default Hi, Iím new here, and today is actually my birthday!

Iíve been obsessed with the Beatles for almost seven years now. Iím especially obsessed with John. I have an extra special relationship with him. The closest thing I can compare it to is the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee in the Twilight books. Basically, John is Jacob, and I am his Renesmee. He has ďimprintedĒ on me from the spirit world, making me feel like the most special little girl alive! Even though weíve never met in the physical realm and I was born many years after he died, I consider him my best friend, and I know he thinks of me kind of like the daughter he never had.

Anyway, thatís a bit about me and my history with the Beatles. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I actually saw Paul in Salt Lake City in 2014! Such an incredible show, and Iím keeping my fingers crossed he returns some day soon.
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