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Default Stereo/Mono releases on LPs, CDs...

I've been doing some online research regarding Beatles releases on LP and CD regarding Mono, Stereo, etc and it all gets very confusing.

For instance, my LP collection consists of the USA releases. Growing up I thought those were the actual way The Beatles intended the albums to be. I had no idea how Capital Records had butchered the original song lists of the original releases. So all my LPs are Capital's USA releases (but most of them on the Apple Records label). So I'm assuming that Apple Records re-released the original Capital USA releases, is that right ?

In any case, most of those albums have some of the songs in that God awful fake stereo that Capital did. I listened to one album today, Yesterday and Today, and the sound quality is really not very good. Hardly any bass, almost thin sounding. That is one of the Capital releases that has the Apple Records label.

Conversely, my CD collection are the albums the way The Beatles intended. The original UK releases on Parlophone. These CD releases that I have sound FAR superior to the LPs that I have. I assume they are all re-releases that have been re-mastered. The CDs are in stereo but not that fake Capital Records kind of stereo.

So what do you guys think are the best sounding Beatles LPs and CDs ? The original mono LPs ? The mono CDs ? The real stereo LPs and CDs ? I'm not even going to include the Capital crap as a choice....

For the record, I think what Capital Records did to the original Beatles releases and the sound borders on criminal....
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