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Default Ringo's drumsticks and right-handed drumset

I've just taken up drums... Which means I've attended my first one-hour lesson (of a course intended to last about eight hours). I don't know how the other pupils did, but I think that, from what the teacher told me, I managed to do much more than he expected from the first lesson. I learnt the basic pattern of eight in the hi-hat or ride with bass drum and snare alternatively and some crash for good measure, including fills in the toms, and then also (slow) paradiddles in the snare.

Well, I would like to know what kind of drumsticks Ringo used. I got the cheapest pair of 5A sticks I could find, since I read that that's the most neutral size.

Then, does anyone know how Ringo being left-handed influenced his drumming? I have often read remarks of his about it (that he cannot go to I-don't-know-what-part-of-the-set from I-don't-know-what-other because of it, but not knowing anything about drumming, I didn't understand much, and not I cannot find it. After having me playing in the snare for five minutes, my teacher decided I should play in a left-handed drumset (I think it was because I always started hitting with my left hand). And I was wondering whether being a left-handed drummer, I might be able to copy Ringo's style better by playing a right-handed drumset. Of course I know I won't get a sound as unique as that of Ringo's just by reversing the set, but I was just wondering.
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