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Originally Posted by Fly View Post
Because Linda was Caucasian, blonde woman who was generally quiet and seemingly submissive to her husband's life and career. Yoko was a small, Asian woman who did her own art/music and was bold, brash, and 'loud' in her own very quiet and guarded way. People could get with Linda, but Yoko was hard.

Not to dismiss Linda, though, as she was always my favorite McCartney, but you really can't even compare them on every level like some try. She was a pretty conventional/standard choice compared to what Yoko was and that is what caused all the uproar with the people. They couldn't get with that kind of 'different' and some of them STILL can't.
This isn't true. Linda was villified too from the moment she married Paul. they all wanted Paul to marry Jane or some "english rose". Linda was American (the first Beatle to marry one) and divorced with a daughter. That was very stigmatized back then. She had to endure taunts and onslaughts from the fans especially those who thought she took Paul from them. When she went onstage with Paul in the 70s, she got it from Paul's peers too.
She was good to the fans though, forming and running the Fun Club and getting fans good tickets. I even read a post from one fan who admitted to throwing things at Linda back in the 60s feeling bad when through the Funclub, Linda got her good seats many years later. This fan wished she could apologize.
Poor little Heather, Linda's daughter, couldn't understand why her mother was so villified. in fact, recently, when Paul was asked about the public hatred of Heather, he replied, "Nobody's liked any woman I've been with since Jane." True.
Linda didn't get sanctified until she died.
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