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Default Re: Warm, Fuzzy Memories of John

I love that last one Amanda! I had read it somewhere recently too and loved it as soon as I saw it! Here's a good quote from George talking about John as well.

"The very first time we took LSD, John and I were together. And that experience together, and a lot of other things that happened after that, both on LSD and on the meditation trip to Rishikesh - we saw beyond each other's physical bodies, you know. That's there permenantly, whether he's in a physical body or not. I mean this is the goal anyway: to realise the spiritual side. If you can't feel the spirit of some friend who's been that close, then what chance have you got of feeling the spirit of Christ or Buddha or whoever else you may be interested in? 'If your memory serves you well, we're going to meet again.' I believe that."
George Harrison, Nov. 1987
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