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Default Re: Warm, Fuzzy Memories of John

Yoko Ono in 2000 about John Lennon and her life after his death:
"Iíve always been like this, I feel, that always trying to do the best I can within the circumstances Iím put in. Iím sure youíre doing the same. And John would have done exactly that. The fondest memory of John is of John at home with me, unlike the macho image that you know of John. At home he was a very gentle, caring husband, and that's what I remember dearly. I think he was an incredibly creative guy and that was very inspiring. He was a great daddy to Sean and he was very protective towards me. And I think I'd do what most widows would do: they would say, "I wish he was here." No one ever plans on being a widow. It's difficult."
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