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Originally Posted by Maia 66 View Post
I went to a book-signing event and met Lewisohn and I asked him about that story. He said he hadn't heard anything about the chocolate bar but he knows that Paul gives certain people personal tours of Liverpool in which he claims that he actually met John before the fete at St. Peter's Church. He doesn't share that story publicly though... for reasons which are known only to Paul....
I think the reason is that the story of the first meeting at Saint Peter's Church has reached mythical proportions and Paul can't be bothered to tell the whole truth since it's easier to play along with what everyone wants to hear.
When you visit Liverpool and you see how relatively near the Beatles lived to each other and how they used the same buses to get around, it seems more than probable that they met casually in other circumstances.
Of course the Saint Peter's meeting is more interesting because it's linked directly to the music they were both into.
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