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Originally Posted by Colonel Angus View Post
I always viewed John as the riff man, as well. Regardless of where I Feel Fine came from, it's brilliant. He had a rich and broad range of influence. I believe he started on a banjo. It didn't matter what you put in his hands. He was going to get something musical out of it.
Yeah, I give John "Riff Master General" status with The Beatles for the following reasons:

I Feel Fine
Day Tripper
Norwegian Wood (it's a melody line, but could be considered a riff)
Hey Bulldog
Don't Let Me Down
Revolution I (the riff between verses)
Doctor Robert

Paul had some good ones, too. I am pretty sure he came up with the (12-string) riff for "Ticket To Ride", and of course his brilliant riff for "Paperback Writer".
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