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Default Huge Research Project

Hello, Beatle Peedles!

I've been trying to start a huge research project for a while now, but the amount of tedious research is too intimidating for me to get I thought I'd ask for help. I'm just praying there's some people willing to help...we all know SO many facts we've accumulated over our years of fandom, but it's incredibly difficult trying to find all of this little information in reliable sources that I can reference!

I'm just going to post random things I need and hope to get replies...

Let's start with this: Can anyone find me sources that have the record for how many people actually were watching the 1st Ed Sullivan show appearance, how many homes had television sets in America at the time so that I can compare the population and the number of viewers, and the records for "no crime from 8:00-9:00" that stunned all of America's police? Thanks!
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