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Default Level of this forum

I have left this forum for various reasons mainly to do with various moderators, like many others have done.

A good example is just a few minutes ago where I did a little come back because my name for some weird reason is mentioned by Hari's Chick in a certain topic about some MJ which was a big surprise and what happens, the thread is closed by Rellevart just a few minutes after I reacted to this in quite a normal way whereas before my response there were good reasons to moderate because of what was being said but again... after my response the thread gets closed instead of the very nasty things being said before me which were just left there and now my reaction to being mentioned by name is just deleted which I think is a disgrace. I am being mentioned in a post and am not allowed by Rell to respond to it and my post is simply deleted where other nasty things are still there.

What is this???????

That is again a good confirmation to leave this place even though sometimes just like all the others who left here read certain things.

The level of this place is low.
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