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Default The YOKO LOVE thread

Because, as John fans, some of us have put up with decades worth of mud flung on this lady. Some of us don't care for her, others just tolerate her, but I know we are all intelligent enough to know that spreading HATE and negativity towards a person who made John happy isn't the coolest way to go about. I'm making this thread to show Yoko some love. She is almost 80 and she and John were the loves of each other's lives. I, for one, have grown in my appreciation of her over the years. AND to top it off, she's playing New Year's Eve (w/Sean too!) with one of my FAV bands, The Flaming Lips! Just adds to the factor for all involved. (and NO I'm not going to be lucky enough to go )

Anyway, I'm going to let you all start this. Bring up something you love or like about her, address it. Or post a picture. Or a video. Or ANYTHING. This is ONLY a positive thread. We need to keep the love flowing as the Modern Generation can be lurking in. Examples lead the way.
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