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Default Savoy Truffle mono mix (is terrible)

Well, it's two days before Christmas, so naturally the thing you want to be doing is pointing out something about the mixes of Beatles songs that weirdly no one else has ever mentioned:

The mono mix of "Savoy Truffle" is HORRENDOUS.

Not stating this as a matter of opinion. It's just ridden with outright MISTAKES, i.e., things that could not reasonably be down to a matter of preference, because they just make no sense at all. These are comparisons to the stereo mix that most of us know and love:

2nd Chorus - 1:03-:08 - The bent lead guitar note that plays on "have to" is heard once, but then faded WAY DOWN the next four times. Mind you, it's still audible, which makes it even worse. An obvious mistake that lasts a whole five seconds. How did this happen?

End of Guitar Solo - 1:50-:55 - Why did the lead guitar suddenly reappear, only to play two off-rhythm bent notes? Further, why do we continue to hear George noodling, way down in the mix, until the section ends with the chorus lyric? Another ongoing five-second mistake. What . . . the . . . .?

End of 2nd Bridge - 2:10-:14 - This is my personal favorite: Out of nowhere, OFF-BEAT TAMBOURINE FOR FOUR SECONDS. Seriously, was someone just taking the piss out here? Haha. SO BAD.

Final Verse - 2:14-:27 - So yeah, for thirteen seconds here we just have NO ELECTRIC GUITAR PLAYING THE CHORDS. Yup, we just completely left that out. But we did put it in at the end. I mean . . . LOL

Those are the outright MISTAKES I hear. As a matter of opinion, I prefer the stereo mix for a number of reasons, but that's not what I wanted to post about now.

I realize this post could have gone in the Remasters sub-forum, but I wanted to draw attention to it here. It's shocking that this mix was actually issued to the public on the mono album version of the album in 1968. Because, let alone Beatles songs, I think it is THE WORST mix of any song I have ever heard.

I'm really curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this, and sincerely thank you for reading.

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