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Hello Beatle Readers!

Just stopped by to let you know about a new story -

Shelter In Your Love

An old woman dies alone, leaving no family or friends. While clearing her house, two council workers find some photographs, letters and diaries which reveal the true identity of the old woman. So begins the epic story of Hannah James and George Harrison...

During the sixties, George Harrison was the lead guitarist in The Beatles, he married the model, Pattie Boyd and became one of the most famous people in the world - this we all know - but what we don't know about was his secret relationship with the singer, Hannah James. Peek inside Hannah's journals and diaries, her memories and heartbreak over the quiet Beatle.

Starring Beatle: George (this one is a very George centred story)
Genre: Romance, Drama/melodrama, Angst
Warnings: Some strong, offensive language (but not loads). What's posted now is quite mild, but there will be some explicit sexual situations and adult issues (sex, drugs and rock and roll) later on.
Status: In Progress.

This story is updated weekly (usually), with new chapters posted every Sunday afternoon/evening.

You can read it online, starting at part 1 here -

As a side note, I did start posting this originally in 2012 (!) but the chapters which were posted then have been re-written and the story has gone in a bit of a different direction.
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