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McCartney said his immediate plans include "releasing another album sometime soon. Beyond that, I don’t know. I could, for all I know, write the great rock ‘n roll epic. And then I could do nothing."
Former Beatle Paul mcCartney and his wife, Linda, their three daughters (Heather, Mary and Stella) and his Wings band were scheduled to leave Nashville this mid-afternoon for New York after spending six weeks in this area.

They will be en route to their home in England.

The British singer-writer, his family and his musicians lived on a farm they had rented near Lebanon during their stay.

"We love it," said Mrs. McCartney. "The girls got suntans; I did some shopping at the Nashville stores and we enjoyed visiting places and meeting nice people."

McCartney did some songwriting and the band rehearsed.

McCartney and his wife boasted an interview Wednesday afternoon on the front porch of the mansion-like house for reporters from newspapers, wire services and several radio stations. Sorry, no TV.

McCARTNEY SAID, among other things, that he was impressed not only with Nashville, but its musicians and the studio (Soundshop) where he worked.

"I came here," he said, "because Nashville is a music center. I looked forward to the visit and I am not disappointed."

He cut tracks for some singles and "possibly an album."

Nashville musicians who worked on the sessions included Chet Atkins, Loyd Green, Vassar Clements, Johnny Gimble and the Cate Sisters (Marcy and Margie), who are featured with Jim Ed Brown’s band.

However, he did not record any songs written or published by Nashville people.

"I WRITE MY OWN SONGS," he emphasized.

He said that he had bought a motorcycle "and had fun riding it."

A security guard remarked: "The next headlines he (McCartney) makes will be about a motorcycle wreck. He doesn’t know how to drive that thing.

The McCartneys were patient and cordial during the interview in the 90-degree weather. It was hot and one reporter commented, "Reckon why they didn’t invite us into the air-conditioned house or serve us a cold drink or two…at least Kool-Ade?"

Newspaper people are so accustomed to luxury they are not at ease in austerity.

McCartney said he hoped to return to Nashville "sometime in the near future."

As for the present, he’ll head to his farm in Scotland, where one of his aides said: "He may do something about, or with the Wings band."

Former Beatle Paul McCartney takes his wife, Linda, for a spiff around the lawn of the home of songwriter Curly Putman, where the McCartneys have been living during their visit to Nashville.

Linda expressed confidence in her husband's newly acquired cycling skills.

McCartney strums a guitar given him by a Tennessee fan.

Heather, eldest of the McCartney children, joins her parents around the family Honda.

Paul poses for Linda's camera on the lawn of the Putnam farm, which sits high on a hill overlooking pastureland.

Former Beatle Paul McCartney and his wife, Linda, take a spin on the motorcycle he bought here. The McCartneys have been living...and working at this area for the past six weeks. The departed this afternoon for New York and their home in Scotland.
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