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Default Good Ol' Freda Kelly!!!!


Remember the 1963 Christmas record (for us fans) and my favorite Beatle came on to thank Freda Kelly... and then all the other guys yelled "Good Ol' Freda!!!!" ????

Well, there's an extraordinary documentary that hopefully will be released about Freda's days as Brian's secretary and The Beatles National Fan CLub secretary... but best of all... about being good friends with all four of the boys!!!

I'm most fortunate to be working on the documentary about Freda. Nothin' major on my part, but I'm thrilled nonetheless.

Freda herself asked me and I only had three words for her, "YES! YES! and YES!!!!"

The documentary I just mentioned will (hopefully) be funded by "Kickstarter" - the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.

Please read below and also click on the link below to see Freda's video (I hope you can do that on Beatle Links) and the easily obtained information about the project - in full.

Paying it forward is appropriate here... as is passing it along. Please help Freda by telling all of your friends, fans, and family on mailing lists, through telephone calls, or face to face about this amazing one-of-a-kind Beatles documentary.

It is gonna be a BLAST!!!!

Your friend in Beatlesness... and Fredaness...


GOOD OL' FREDA - A Film Made For Beatles Fans....By Beatles Fans

GOOD OL' FREDA is a documentary film about the untold story of Freda Kelly, The Beatles' trusted secretary and friend throughout their rise to fame. The movie's title comes from the line The Beatles shouted out to her on their legendary 1963 Christmas record to their fans. The filmmakers are currently trying to raise the funds to finish the film on Kickstarter, a website where you can make a donation to a film and get a reward in return (signed DVDs, photos of Freda with the Beatles, even lunch or a personal tour of Liverpool w/ Freda!) They are trying to raise $50,000 by 11-11-11.

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing website, so if they don't raise the full $50,000 they get nothing! Please check out to read more about it and consider backing this very worthwhile film. There's a great video you can watch of Freda explaining what the film will be about. It's been 50 years (!) since Freda began her work for the Fab Four and this movie will be the first time she's sharing her memories, so please help us make this Kickstarter campaign go viral and help the filmmakers get it completed and preserve Freda's stories forever!

Beatles fans can also help Freda and the filmmakers by sending an email to their mailing lists as well, and also to Facebook/Twitter friends encouraging them to donate quickly before this golden opportunity to preserve Freda's stories is lost. They can use the above title, kickstarter link, and blurb language to make it easy to forward. The key is to 'Make a Donation Now!' so the filmmakers make their goal by 11-11-11.

Thank you ever, ever, ever so much!

Peace and Love... as always

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