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sourmilkpinky Posted:
I am glad that my not buying this didn't hurt any

[/ QUOTE ]

That is true. And all those Beatles fans that didn`t buy this Set can claim the same!

Now let`s randomly assume there are 1,000,000 Beatles fans in America. Of them, 250,000 bought the Capitol set. 750,000 did not buy it (you are one of them).

Everyone of these 750,000 fans can rightly claim that their not buying of this box did not affect the sales. But if you put all of them together,...

If all of them had bought this box, we`d now be celebrating sales of 4 million single CDs (or 1 million Box Sets), which is 4 times multi platinum, instead of just 1 million single CDs (or 250,000 Box Sets).

What ya sayin' now?
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