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Default Moved from Want to pre-order Julian's new album? (Yeah, you know you do come on!)

Since this hasn't anything to do with Julian's new album I decided to move my reply to this thread (except your smileys fell off in the copying, Scruffie, sorry). Sneaky huh?

Originally Posted by Apple Scruff View Post
I wonder if perhaps you can find a used copy on Amazon UK.

Oh and I will definitely post all the updates I can, and I'm sure Peregrine will before I even attempt to lol, so you have a chance to hear any snippets if they should come out. I'm always falling in love with his voice...

Hibgal, you will LOVE PS! I also want a review once you get it. If you find that you can't get it anywhere PM me.
Thanks for the kind offer, Scruffie. I just downloaded a copy of Photograph Smile but haven't had time to listen to it yet. I did go to Amazon and found used CDs of the album so I might buy a copy as well since I do prefer having the CD (although a little slower to arrive than a download!) what with liner notes and all.

However, I found that there are two exclusive bonus tracks on the wildly expensive Japanese edition: Don't Let Me Down and I Need You. At first I was incredulous - Julian doing a cover of a Beatles song - but it's actually a different song penned by Julian. (I Need You is however a cover but of the group America's song of the same name) So now I'm curious. Have any of you heard Julian's Don't Let Me Down song and what do you think of it? Anyone has a copy to share? I checked Youtube but nada.

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