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1. You're eating dinner somewhere in a loud restaurant and you faintly hear a Beatles tune off in the distance. You rudely interrupt any conversation going on to announce to everyone that a Beatles song is being played. Everybody says, "how can you hear that?" Then you explain how you have this sixth Beatles sense....

19.When someone mentions The Beatles in school, everyone stares at you.

29. You talk to another Beatles fan on the phone for hours just talking about how hot the Beatles were.
I second!

4.You're sitting in a classroom and when the teacher is trying to teach a subject, they mention a word that makes you think of a Beatles' song and you start singing the song.
This happens to me all the time! Or, if I'm reading something and a word comes up, I'll have a sinpet of the song where the word comes up in my head play and go back on reading normally.

5.You're parking your car when a Beatles song comes on the radio and you refuse to get out until the song is over.
Same with Bob Dylan songs.
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